Important Information:



If you need to contact me for an emergency on Class Day, I can be reached at 229-200-3010. If I can't answer immediately, I'll return your call when I can.

Please don't ask us to delay class for you except for emergencies. I can possibly reschedule for a later date on a case-by-case scenario. In the case of emergency, I may be able to break the class. Otherwise, there will be regular breaks during class.


Time & Place:

Address:  5 Apache RD (Capernaum Rd) Bamberg SC 29003

Time: 0900

The time & place is subject to change. You will be notified of any changes in advance.

The length of the class depends on various factors i.e., the class’ learning pace, questions, concerns and comments.

Please arrive early to allow time to set up before the start of class.

Please do not ask me to end class early for your personal needs. You reserved a place in this specific class on this specific date. I can't reschedule you to another class for free if you miss this class or any part of it.

My class fee is not refundable or transferable to another class or another person.

Do not come in late or leave early. ALL requirements must be met to qualify for the proper certifications and I cannot circumvent the laws or the requirements therein.

Don’t delay when my instructor invites you to enter the Qualification Bay from the adjacent parking lot. We’re on a tight schedule with a fixed start time and end time. Use the restroom before you enter the Qualification Bay.

When you're done shooting, the qualification shift is over and I clear the class to leave the Qualification Bay, please return directly to my truck. The class is not over yet.


Information provided to you:

In class I provide you with a student packet containing forms and other materials I use in teaching this class.

The student packet and all its contents are my property which I lend you to use during my class until I say otherwise. Leave the student packet and its contents in the classroom at all times until I collect them or until I tell you to.

Safety is always my foremost concern.

You accept the consequences of yourself, everyone else and myself if you fail to practice gun safety. Do not be surprised if I disqualify you, remove you from the shooting line and take other appropriate action for even a first-time failure to practice gun safety in this class.


Do not be fuzzy, unfocused, forgetful, slow, argumentative, rebellious, or contentious. The occasion is completely wrong for such behaviors.


Read the instruction manual that came with your gun and know how to operate it. Classes such as this start where the manual ends. I can’t possibly teach the instructions for every gun every student might bring to class. I must assume that you've read the manual for your gun and practiced with your gun enough to know how it functions and how to control its functions before you come to class. If you use a semi-automatic pistol, you must be able to load its magazine properly without delaying the qualification.


Lock your vehicle and keep valuables out of sight in your vehicle. Turn off your vehicle's lights and other electrical devices before you lock it. Do not lock your keys in your vehicle. Emergency road service may take a while. Expect to pay a substantial premium if you need it – and if you can find it.



Show up to class wearing long pants with belt loops for the belt with pockets to carry loose ammunition during the shooting qualification test. You must be wearing a sturdy 1-1/2” wide belt.

No shorts or bare legs, loose or baggy shirts/jackets/pants, fanny packs or anything that restricts my view to your gun/holster. I need to see your gun at all times.

No sandals or bare feet.

Even if you're borrowing one of my handguns, you provide your own belt to support the holster. It's also known as an “outside the waistband holster.” I will provide a holster with any gun you rent from me.

Wear shoes or sneakers or low cut boots you wear with socks.

A shirt or other modest top with a collar you can close is allowed. No low cut blouse, shirt or bare chest.

Wear some form of baseball cap. You will not shoot without one.

Bring suitable eye & ear protection. You must be able to see and hear to comply w/ all commands.

Come into the Qualification Bay wearing all required gear. No clothes or accessories will be lent out.

Dress appropriately for the weather.


Military personnel, retired military personnel and law enforcement need not continue reading past this point.


Qualification Bay:

After the admin portion of the class we will travel as a group to the Range . Don’t dawdle or delay. Stay with the group. Do not leave anything valuable in the classroom while we are gone.


What to bring:

Bring your driver’s license and carry it with you into the Qualification Bay. Your driver’s license is an essential picture ID that must be recorded on many documents throughout the class. I can't admit you to class without your driver’s license or other current government-issued picture identification that I consider acceptable. We cannot provide you w/ a loaner gun w/out it.

Bring a notebook in which you can take notes and be sure to bring both a black pen and a blue pen.

Bring a towel or bandana to wipe perspiration.

Bring water and sip it throughout the day. Stay hydrated so you can concentrate.

Clean restrooms are just a few steps away.



Carry your unloaded handgun and ammunition and other gear from the parking area into the Qualification Bay inside a bag or other suitable case - not in your hand or on your person. (Exception: If you are renting a gun from me)

A belt holster – which no strap or retention. If you rent a gun from me, the holster is included.

I cannot lend a holster for a gun you bring.

Bring 50-100 rounds of factory fresh ammunition (no reloads or "re manufactured" ammunition) in their original factory boxes (no repacked or mixed boxes or pre-loaded magazines.) If I provide the ammunition, it will be given on the spot.

There’s also no place at the Manchester State Park from which you can buy ammunition or anything else. I won’t allow you to buy or borrow ammunition or a gun from another student and I won’t allow you to shoot suspect ammunition and you won’t qualify if you don’t shoot on schedule.


Tip: SLED’s shooting qualification test requires you to holster your gun between stages and to shoot after drawing your gun from its holster on your body.


Extra Cash/Expense Money:

Bring some cash so if your weapon malfunctions you can rent one of my other weapons/ammunition. (Price for weapons rental is $25. Ammunition cost is typically in the range of $17 to $30 depending on caliber and brands: bring at least $40 just in case.)

If we are in a café I'd encourage you to purchase something there. It is not a requirement but would be a nice gesture to the kind folks for using their nice facility. You must pay us for the ammunition before you shoot it. I can’t lend you money, give you ammunition for free, let you shoot and pay us “later,” or delay while you get ammunition money from home or try to find someone to deliver it. I will not let you use any ammunition in my guns except my ammunition. I don’t allow a student I don’t know to borrow a gun or ammunition. This includes from any other student including a student I might not know, whether or not they know each other.



Do not bring any extra or unneeded things to class. Again, leave all items of value in your vehicle. Many people have access the classroom at their leisure.

Make sure your cell phone is switched off throughout this class. Cell phones conflict with the need for serious people to concentrate and can create dangerous conditions in a firearms training class.

No recording devices are allowed. I may record various portions of the class, but only with your permission.

Fingerprinting can be done at the Local Police Department if not completed in class.


Last Mentions:

None of the requirements in this class are optional or negotiable. For example, if you are: (a) philosophically, culturally, ideologically, politically, or sartorially opposed to belts, belt - dislike requirements or being told what to do (b) have difficulty understanding/complying/accepting my instruction or (c) collect grievances, create unnecessary and insurmountable problems for myself. Those are not my problems and I can’t solve them for you or allow you to transfer their burden to me or to anyone else.

Most people who arrive in my class with little or no previous firearms experience do very well in this class with my instruction after they familiarize themselves with the tools they chose to use. That said, in a class such as this, you're one person in a group of people, not in an individual tutorial that focuses exclusively on you. If you want or need tutoring or require special attention just let me know.

Let me know in advance of the class date if you shoot left-handed so I can lend you a left-handed holster. I don’t have left-handed holsters for all my guns

Do a checklist now and check off each item as you pack for class. Outdoor shooting ranges are isolated places. There's nowhere nearby where you can dash off to buy what you've neglected to bring, no time to phone home for what you left there or no way to have someone bring it to you.



I look forward to seeing you in our classes!